A butcher represents one of the oldest trades in Germany. Whereas in the past, the main job of a butcher was to slaughter animals, today things look very different. We focus entirely on the processing of meat and do not slaughter at all. 

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Our job, and perhaps soon yours as well, is to process and refine the raw material. And we do this through the use of state-of-the art production methods. Through our company apprenticeship programme you will be one of the few people who know exactly what good meat is and how to manufacture tasty sausage from it.

Therefore, if you are interested in food and do not want to be deceived by anyone when it comes to meat and sausage, then you are exactly in the right place with us! We are a big family which is always pleased to welcome new members. We enjoy working in a team, quickly transfer responsibility and we will ensure you receive sufficient support. It is very important to us that you are cheerful and enjoy your work. This is the only way to create products such as the genuine Göttinger Stracke of which we are incredibly proud.


  • A fantastic team that will show you the know-how required to produce tasty sausage specialities.
  • The self-reliant planning, processing and selection of ingredients that we need to produce our sausage specialities.
  • The use of state-of-the-art production and packaging machines.
  • The implementation of quality controls and the possibility of participating in many different quality and hygiene training courses.
  • In addition, support in a vocational school if required.


  • An apprenticeship to become a specialist in meat and sausage products
  • A fantastic working environment with nice colleagues
  • Reimbursement of any costs you outlay for training materials as part of your apprenticeship.
  • Attractive remuneration


  • An interest in the manufacture of high-quality foodstuffs.
  • An affinity for craftsmanship activities.
  • A good level of comprehension and commitment.
  • A healthy sense of responsibility and high standards of product quality in relation to our customers.


  • Master Butcher
  • Meat Engineer
  • Business Economist
  • Food Inspector
  • Subject teacher in vocational schools


Would you like to be part of the Börner-Eisenacher team? I will be pleased to help you if you have any HR or application questions.

Frank Mäther

Tel: +49 (551) 69 42 0
Fax: +49 (551) 69 42 23

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